Life List

  1. Write Book no. 1
  2. Practice Yoga started July 2011 and falling in love with it!
  3. Learn how to play the ukulele
  4. Take a cruise
  5. Stay at a resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico
  6. Take my kids to Disney World
  7. Take a ballet class
  8. Take a barre class
  9. See the Grand Canyon
  10. Live in Austin, TX
  11. Own a dog (or five)
  12. Get married
  13. Write Book No. 2
  14. Travel to Spain
  15. Sing at a Karaoke Bar
  16. Watch the TODAY Show live from Rockefeller Plaza
  17. Hike in Hawaii
  18. Visit Italy
  19. Go camping
  20. Grow a garden
  21. Read all of C.S. Lewis’ books
  22. See Prince in concert again….(I’ve seen him twice so far)
  23. Sing in a rock band
  24. Dye my hair purple Accomplished October 15, 2011 (got purple & blue streaks!)
  25. Put a hot pink/fuchsia streak in my hair I have a whole lot more than that now 🙂 Pink & Blue baby! Thank you Manic Panic!
  26. Grow a gigantic, weeping willow-esque Afro.
  27. Get Tattoo No. 2 Got it for my 29th bday!
  28. Attend a TED Talk event
  29. Attend a blogging conference (like BlogHer)
  30. Attend a Joyce Meyer concert
  31. See Hillsong United in concert
  32. See Brooke Fraser in concert
  33. See John Mark McMillan in concert
  34. Go on a missions trip
  35. Visit Costa Rica
  36. Go on an African Safari
  37. Go scuba diving
  38. Have a daughter ( I realize I have no real control over this, but it would be nice)
  39. Attend a World Cup
  40. Play in a local dodgeball league
  41. Drive cross country with my boys & document our adventures
  42. Learn how to scrapbook
  43. Help open a home for homeless women veterans & their children
  44. Open a group home for teen girls/women in need
  45. Cheer on my favorite breeds live at The Westminster Kennel Club Dog show
  46. Try sushi
  47. Visit Ireland
  48. Practice Silence for a weekend during a retreat
  49. Take a self-development e-course
  50. raise $ for a charity water project for my 30th birthday
  51. learn how to knit
  52. Lay in the grass at Central Park on a fall day
  53. Lay in the grass at Central Park on a spring day
  54. Do a Tough Mudder
  55. Sponsor a child my boys can be pen pals with
  56. Take Chookooloonks’ Pathfinder e-course Done! Completed March 2012
  57. Run a “Color Me Rad” 5k Or a “Color Run”

5 thoughts on “Life List

  1. I ❤ your list. And look at you, checking #2 off already!!! =) I highly recommend sushi – start with a tempura roll (fried fish/crab/etc), graduate to a California roll, and then a salmon roll. You'll be addicted in no time! Also? My husband took up the ukelele a few months ago on a whim and it seems to be pretty easy to learn. I can play happy birthday and twinkle twinkle. 😉 I need to get back to my blog. I've been ignoring it since I found out I was pregnant and the s*** hit the fan. I might make a list of my own…such good inspiration.

  2. LOL-thank you! I’m still working on it adding things as I go. Yep, started knocking out #2-YAY! Thank you for the sushi tips-I’m going to follow them to a tee. You can already play two songs?! I need to catch up…and buy one LOL. I love writing and blogging, but its been tough to be disciplined about it esp when you’ve got ish hitting the fan constantly, I know. And I don’t know what rock I was living under b/c I didn’t realize until reading this comment and some of your other posts that you’re preggers-congrats and don’t stress-you will be ok 😉 Definitely write a list-it makes you believe in life again and makes you realize how narrow you perspective has become. It opens you up in a new way 😉 Thanks for reading!

  3. Love the list and I would love to tackle number 61 with you! They are expanding Tough Mudder in 2012 to so many locations so let’s get planning!!

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