Picking Up My Keys

When I came home bone tired and emotional from Climb Out of the Darkness 2014 on Saturday, my husband met me at the door, wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. As I let myself sink into the embrace, going soft in such a strong place of comfort, I heard him say, “Addye…this is you. Art and advocacy…this is it. This is what you were meant to do. After today? Don’t doubt it. This is YOU. I’m proud of you.”

Among my writing community, Story Sessions, there’s a call that’s given when we’re encouraging each other to embrace and embody our artistry and voice. “Pick up your keys,” we say. It’s almost like a battle cry, really, a battle cry to rally and go forth…do…be…

Looking back, that’s what I see happened on Saturday as I began to climb up the steps of Mt. Bonnell with my team. I officially picked up my keys and led an amazing group of women on a journey of hope and healing that I’m hoping will just keep growing and evolving over the years.



I felt the shift that’s been stirring in my bones over the last 2 years finally happen. I crossed over. I made the leap.

It was hope.

It was power.

It was stepping into purpose and embodying the call.

It was realizing part of my life’s work in a new way.

It was healing.

It was living.

It was picking up the keys and feeling the call pulse with life as I felt them pressed in between my fingers.

It was preparation for what lies ahead calling me to come yet even deeper into living waters that run deep.

It was leaping and landing on the other side, feeling joy spring up from the soles of my feet, and escape through raised hands.


It was being rooted in the belief that nothing is impossible for those who fight and dare to get in that arena.


6 thoughts on “Picking Up My Keys

  1. This is beautiful. I pray that I will too, pick up my keys and join you in the arena. So much has developed inside of me over the last 2 months. The joy is bubbling over.

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