They Have Names


@ShaunKing is posting the names of all 276 Nigerian girls abducted from their school by Boko Haram terrorists. Tonight he posted the first 50. I’ll come back and update this post as more names are posted. Follow him and the hashtags #BringBackOurGirls #BringBackOurDaughters to stay informed on this crisis.

Pray for these girls. Hope for them. Grieve for them. Demand better for them somehow. Raise your voice for them. Whatever it is you do when your loved ones are struck with tragedy, do it for these young girls who have been abducted, stolen from their families and sold into slavery and married off.

Deborah Abge

Awa Abge

Hauwa Yirma

Asabe Manu

Mwa Malam pogu

Patiant Dzakwa

Saraya Stover

Mary Dauda

Gloria Mainta

Hanatu Ishaku

Tabitha Pogu

Maifa Dama

Ruth Kollo

Esther Usman

Awa James

Anthonia Yahonna

Kume Mutah

Aisha Ezekial

Nguba Buba

Kwanta Simon

Kummai Aboku

Esther Markus

Hana Stephen

Rifkatu Amos

Rebecca Mallum

Blessing Abana

Ladi Wadai

Tabitha Hyelampa

Ruth Ngladar

Safiya Abdu

Naomi Yahonna.

Solomi Titus.

Rhoda John

Christy Yahi.

Rebecca Luka

Laraba John

Saratu Markus

Mary Usman.

Debora Yahonna.

Naomi Zakaria.

Hanatu Musa

Hauwa Tella.

uliana Yakubu

Saraya Paul

Jummai Paul (Saraya’s sister)

Mary Sule

Jummai John


4 thoughts on “They Have Names

  1. Thank you! Thank you for this. I’ve been disgusted by the lack of press coverage and international aid that this is attracting. It makes you sort of lose faith in humanity.

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