America the Beautiful?


The election season from Dante’s 7th circle of hell is over.

As hellish as it was, some good DID come out of it,  at least in my opinion.

We have 19 women Senators in U.S. Congress. Elizabeth Warren? She’s full of awesome.

Voters turned out in record numbers, with Black, Latino, AND women ROCKING the damn vote. And can I just say how about Pennsylvania?! Especially Philly-y’all did the damn thing at the polls.

We pretty much just shut Akin and others like him who believe rape is ok down.

Same sex couples in states like Minnesota can now get married. Marriage equality is finally really happening. (Yes, I am a Christian who favors gay marriage. My faith and my politics divorced each other about a year ago and I’m really okay with keeping them separated.)

Americans made it clear that we are  demanding our government to find a way to WORK TOGETHER by keeping Republicans in the House, and having a pretty even split between parties in the Senate. (At least that’s my take away from last night’s results. You might think differently and that’s completely okay. I still like you anyway.)

Mitt Romney gave a gracious concession speech. Well done and classy.

Obama won re-election.

He reignited my faith and hope that given more time, we can keep finding ways to fix what needs fixing and move our country forward. (Again, you might disagree, and that’s perfectly okay. Seriously, it is.) I believe in and can identify with the type of America he wants to build, even though I don’t always like his policies or how he handles things. I think he’s a good, very intelligent man who cares deeply about this country, it’s people, and is trying to do what he can to get us up and out of the mess we’re in. I really do. Take that however you would like…just please do so respectively.



There were a lot of things that came out of this election season and Obama’s re-election that are not good. They are saddening, sickening, and disturbing.

Look, I get campaigns are “supposed” to attack each other. I understand that some people are loyal to their party come hell or high water. I get that Democrats and Republicans have different platforms and agendas and this all creates tension, division and strife. I get that politicians “lie.” I expect mud slinging and nastiness from each party even though I don’t like it.

But what has disturbed me the most the last 9 months is how vile the rhetoric and dialogue has become, between each other. US. AMERICANS.

I love that we have such strong opinions and care so deeply about the varying issues our country is facing these days…I just don’t like that we’ve failed for the most part to express those opinions in constructive and respectful ways.

I  thought it couldn’t get any worse than what I’d seen and heard leading up to the election. But today? Today, a significant and certain section of the American public has outdone themselves. On Facebook, on Twitter, on news feeds, on news outlets, I have seen the most hateful, ignorant and just downright NASTY comments, statuses, photos. And yes, I’m going to say this. While I know a significant amount of Republican and Romney supporters are NOT racist, I refuse to act like I haven’t seen and heard racist conversations, comments, and photos FROM Republican and Romney supporters. I have. They are everywhere. And that terrifies me more than anything else. Do we really need to go there?

There’s talk of secessions, lynchings (yes, I saw a photo of Obama with a noose around his neck!), our country becoming a Muslim nation (?), our country facing the wrath of God, and some really other disturbing things I just can’t write here. And to be fair on the other side I’ve seen people gloating and completely disrespecting those who disagreed with and voted differently than them. Am I the only one who’s disturbed by all of this?

It’s been very triggering for me to see and hear it all. I had to take a break from Twitter, stop reading comment sections on news sites and Facebook. Yesterday, my anxiety was through the roof and I had a lot of emotions about the election and what I’ve seen churning inside of me. I thought about writing but I didn’t have the words. Instead I did the only thing that brings me peace when I’m having an anxiety attack or emotionally distressed-I painted. I painted how I felt about the election season and the climate of American society, and this was the result:

There’s some ugliness mixed in there-can you see it?

All the vitriolic speech that’s been screaming and raging the past months and today? Those are the black marks interspersed among good ol’ red, white, and blue that we so proudly deem American patriotism. Those are the marks that are covering up the beauty that is the spirit of our nation.

We don’t and we aren’t going to agree with each other on everything. But what we can do is agree to disagree and do our best to move forward together.

Leading up to this election I was losing my hope and confidence in us as a people. But I’m choosing today to hold on to these words from the President’s speech last night and hope he’s right. I’m choosing today to believe that despite all the hate that’s raging, we will rise above it and be a better nation for ALL of us.

” I believe we can seize the future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggests. We are not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions, and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are and forever will be the United States of America.”-President Barack Obama







11 thoughts on “America the Beautiful?

  1. “(Yes, I am a Christian who favors gay marriage. My faith and my politics divorced each other about a year ago and I’m really okay with keeping them separated.)” – Ooooh Emmm Geee. I LURVE this. So true. So glad I am not the only one whose faith has undergone a nasty divorce from my social conciousness! 🙂

    I am despertately trying to remember that the gloating, the racisim, the superiority, the accusations, the hate, the lies, the all of it – that is not who WE (as a country) are. Individuals are that way, and that is TERRIBLE. I was disappointed in the presidential outcome last night, and I, lacking maturity, lashed out on twitter (mildly, compared to what I’ve seen). Today? I’m sobered. I deleted all political tweets on my twitter. I just want to be friends – THAT is what I am there for – not THIS.

    I compare it to the “fundamental” (read: extreme) Chrisitans who say outlandish things and make the rest of us want to shout “That is not who I am!’

    On behalf of fiscal conservatives and social liberals who happened to vote for Romney, I say to you, my friend, in response to all you have read and seen:

    “That is NOT who I am.”

    • I completely understand what you’re saying about “That is NOT who I am.” I think both campaigns made some sweeping generalizations that lumped the good with the bad, the moderate with the extreme, etc. I felt the same when Romney said part of the 47% who wanted the govt to take care of me and was only voting for Obama because I’m black. That’s when I really wanted to shout “That is NOT who I am.” So I get it. I don’t think you and other fiscal conservatives and social liberals are like the extremists. I just wish it was OUR voices that could be heard more than those on the fringe. Does that make sense?
      As a Christian, I feel the same way you do as well. Thank you for this comment-especially since you’re on the other side. I appreciate your perspective and honesty

  2. I have many thoughts on this entire election, on those from both sides and standing in the middle. I find beauty in your words and in your thoughts. You should spread these words often as you speak with a peace that should be shared. I am both happy and fearful for our future and hope that people will come together and work together and keep our people safe and happy and strong. Marry who you want, love who you want, work hard, be kind, treat people right! I wished and washed during this election and still do. I do not teeter on my opinions but I go back and forth with the ugly I see from so many people; people who I adored and now see such anger and, for lack of a better word, YUCK. I feel proud of my democrats, I feel proud of my republicans and then quick as lightening they steal that pride from me so seeing a beautiful post like this makes me smile for our American People not our republicans, not our democrats but just our People.
    I too felt the anxiety andyou are right to avoid those sites that increase that anxiety. Find the people that are spreading love and hope regardless of their vote. Well done, well said, well painted.

    • Thank you for reading. I completely understand where you’re coming from. This was a tough season. I’m hoping we can now put it behind us and respect each other again. And build.

  3. All I can say is that I am disgusted at the amount of money that went into this election. Obama is better for Canada if that makes any sense, so I’m glad that he got in again. I’m just thankful that it’s over so I can enjoy my pirated Amercian Satellite channels without getting face planted with propoganda.

    • I HATED the ads. And you’re right. All that damn money for ads and campaigning but we have a trillion dollar deficit. I call malarky.

      I like that you enjoy our American TV 🙂

  4. I hate it. Both sides of it was just so unnecessary. It makes me disgusted that people can become so hateful for disagreeing with other Americans. I’m glad that 2 more states are giving well deserved rights. Like you I’m a Christian but I don’t agree with all the tennets of my religion.

    I’m just glad we both made it through. I avoided all Facebook and twitter. Thank goodness for surgery. Lol!

    Hope you enjoyed my blog post on your post.

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