Vlog: My Bipolar Life 1-3

“My recovery from manic depression has been an evolution, not a sudden miracle.”

-Patty Duke

My psychiatrist has been telling me since I was diagnosed last July that  for me, a person with Bipolar Disorder, recovery means stability, having less episodes, and being in control of my illness. She says while there was no cure for this illness,  it’s possible to find stability and live a healthy life…it’s just going to take some hard work and patience on my part.

I believed her back then and I still want to believe her now. One of the hardest parts of this journey has been trying to find the right cocktail of medicines. I thought  once I found that in March things would get easier. I think that’s why I’ve been so disappointed lately-my latest round of medication has helped significantly…but I’m still struggling and recognizing new symptoms that I need to learn how to manage.  The setbacks have been hard to live with…there are days I’m overwhelmed and just want to give up.

I thought instead of writing about some of the things I’ve been struggling with lately, I’d talk about them in a video. It was WAY harder than I thought, and pretty emotional-totally wasn’t expecting that.

So forgive the tears…I apologize up front if my thoughts seem disjointed. My mind has been a wreck lately, all over the place. I talk about this in the video as well as my struggle to connect with others, and some fears I have.

I had to break it up into three parts…forgive the poor editing. (I recorded it on my phone)


3 thoughts on “Vlog: My Bipolar Life 1-3

  1. These videos are very good. I’m glad Lamictal is working so well for you. It helps me with depression more than anything else has. I wish all medications worked so well for me!

  2. I have started taking Seroquel and it helps me a great deal with rumination and sleep. I have had trouble with lithium and my kidney function, and I started doing research about Seroquel and Lamictal. A lot of people do well on just those two medications. The combination seems to work better for Bipolar II. I’m hoping to try something similar by taking the Seroquel and Lamictal and reducing my lithium – hopefully enough to improve my kidney function. One doctor thought I should completely go off of lithium. It’s hard to let doctors play with these medications. I’ve been trusting them to come up with the right cocktail for 22 years. They’ve come close to finding one, but I’m still waiting for a better combination of medications.

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