Grabbing Life By The (Long) Horns

So it’s my last night in Austin and all I can think about

… how I still can’t believe I boarded a plane, with my son, and flew out here….
….how much I’ve laughed….
… much I’ve missed living out west….
……all the fabulous food I’ve eaten….
……the time I’ve spent with family…..
… Brennan’s face has been lit up in happiness every moment we’ve been here….
….the sights, sounds, and experiences I encountered….
……and how much this city feels like HOME.

I have a feeling I’ll be back. In fact, I have a feeling moving here is in our future. I wish I could describe how I feel at this moment, how I’ve felt all week, despite being terribly sick (tonsillitis!) and even cycling some today.

Austin has done more than rejuvenate me like a regular vacation would….it has made me come alive in ways I wasn’t expecting, during moments that have left my heart swelling with hope and the tangible possibility of a new beginning….moments that have beckoned me to just reach out and take ahold of it.

I can honestly say that today while canoeing on Lake Austin I did-I grabbed ahold of that new beginning shed the pain of the past two and a half years. I reached out and grabbed ahold of a new life for us….can’t you tell?



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