Manic Monday: Updates and My New Love

WHEW! It’s Monday! I can’t believe it, seriously. It’s MONDAY, people. I have so much going on it feels like it’s the middle of a grueling week, and it’s only Monday. So much to tell you where do I start?


My head is spinning. I can’t tell if it’s from everything that’s going on or from the medium iced coffee I now regret ingesting. Note to self, no more caffeine. If any of you fine readers have alternative solutions for trying to stay awake amidst medicinal side effects such as fatigue, please let a sufferer know….

Ok. So what is going on? SCHOOL. COLLEGE. MIDTERMS. Seriously, this semester took a sharp turn into WTFville very quickly and I’ve had more than I think a human can handle due daily for the past week and a half or so. Seriously, I know my profs are Christians, but between you and me I think they’re smoking something because who assigns this much work? Clearly my profs do. It hasn’t been fun, to say the least…..

But fun IS on the horizon because SPRING BREAK IS NEXT WEEK! I know understand why students go to Mexico and lose all inhibition and get wasted for 5 days in the middle of March. You’ve gotta release the pressure and tension somehow, right?

How am I going to release the pressure and tension during spring mini vacay? First I’m going to have a margarita. Or ten. On the rocks, none of that fru fru frozen nonsense. Next I’m going to board a plane and head to my dream city: Austin, a city I hope to one day live in, even if it’s just for a year or two. Yep that’s right, Brennan and I are heading cross country to the Lonestar State. It will be my first vacation, my first real break in over TEN (count em, TEN!) years. I think its long overdue don’t you think?

I’m very excited because I will be away from the East Coast and seeing some family I haven’t seen in years, so I’m sure it’s going to be a swell trip. And I’m only kidding about the ten margaritas, I’m on meds, so I will of course be responsible and only allow myself one, two maximum.

Speaking of meds, guess what? I’ve jumped out of the dating game and into what I’m hoping is a long term relationship with Lamictal. Y’all I’ve been on it for a solid month and that’s how I feel: solid. Still hypo manic, still a little (tiny) bit depressed here and there but it’s finally manageable. I feel like my mind and emotions are in a checks and balances system that works. I don’t want to jinx myself but I really do think that between Lamictal, Abilify, and my anti anxiety meds I’ve found the right cocktail. So I think I’ve found “the one,” and I’m so in love, I can’t believe it 😉

Speaking of my illness, I was asked by my professor to speak to her abnormal psych class about living with PPD and BP. I did and even though I cried, it went very well. It felt good to be able to be open and transparent with others, especially Christians, and I’m do glad I did it. I hope I eliminated some shame and stigma by speaking out….

And speaking of shame, there will be no shame in my game when it comes to Dance Party Fridays, people, because I’ve kicked it up a notch. I ordered some dancing scarves…

And ribbons….


And can’t WAIT to use them in a video! They came in the mail today and made. my. Monday. So pumped, I think my first song with them will be some Florence and the Machine…what do you think?

So in a nutshell that’s my life at the moment. On this Monday.

How was your Monday? Any Spring Break plans with your kids or vacations lined up in the future? Feel free to dish in the comments 😉

(is it Friday yet?!)


6 thoughts on “Manic Monday: Updates and My New Love

  1. As someone struggling to find the right medicinal cocktail, I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU that you’ve found one that works!!! Let’s pray that it stays there, since meds are so fickle. And yes, I think the profs are smoking something. Why else would they say, “But you’ll have time to work on your research paper over break.”??? Yeah RIGHT! I’m CHILLAXIN’ man!

  2. have fun on your vacation! it’s nice to hear that you have found the right medication cocktail, at least i know it IS possible.

    • It IS possible. Even though it’s frustrating as hell, it IS possible. Don’t give up. Seriously. Hang in there and keep riding thee merry go round and doing the work until you find what works…because you WILL find it. I’m proof of that, trust me. ((HUGS)) So glad to meet you!

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