Things I Like About Me

Just Be Enough has an awesome series going on right now that focuses on things we like about ourselves. Since I’m on a self-love journey, I figured this would be a perfect writing prompt for me to do. 

As you know from my Self-Love Saturday posts here on ‘Confessions, I haven’t and don’t always like myself….but I’m slowly learning how to by

  • Changing my expectations of myself
  • Paying attention to what makes me feel like…well ME
  • Being kind to myself
So here is my list of what I like about myself at this point in my self-love journey….
  2. I LOVE  to dance.
  3. I’m goofy and silly. Laughing is my favorite thing to do.
  4. I enjoy laughing at things that would make a 12 year old boy giggle.
  5. I’m a veteran. While I didn’t enjoy being a cop, I did really enjoy serving my country alongside some pretty awesome people.
  6. I’m a painter
  7. I’m a writer
  8. I like my eyes….they are a really soft, light brown color.
  9. I enjoy bright eyeshadows (go back and take a look at #1)
  10. I have rainbow hair
  11. I am a good mother to my children. Oh it has taken me SO LONG and lots of therapy to be able to say/realize this.
  12. I’m a Prince fan
  13. I’m passionate
  14. I enjoy helping people
  15. I’m a fast learner and enjoy learning
  16. I enjoy cooking and baking….I make a mean veggie lasagna!
  17. I’m a bible geek
  18. I’m adventurous….despite my fears and anxieties
What do you like about yourself?  Link up and share!


3 thoughts on “Things I Like About Me

  1. This might sound strange, but I like everything about myself. The things I’d like to change are all to please other people or to be more acceptable to society.

  2. Prince! Oh yes! And dancing crazy! 🙂 I think I like that you give yourself credit (even through therapy and time) to know you are a good mom! My heart opens for you. Congrats on a great list!

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