Self-Love Saturday: Celebrate Uniqueness & Embrace Your Superpower

“Mommie I really like your hair, with all the colors…It has my favorite color in it, green. That’s my favorite. Green & orange. You have those, right there and right there, right?”

image credit: The Giant Bomb

Awww thank you Bren Bren. Green is your favorite color? That’s pretty cool. It’s a good color. Yep, see? Green….and orange.

“Why did you put all those colors in your hair? Cause you like them?”

Yea…I like colors because they make me feel good. I put them in my hair because I like being different.

“It’s good to be different, right? Your hair is beautiful, Mommie. I love you.”

I think the most powerful thing that has happened to me since I started this self-love journey back in August is the realization that I love color. Bright, bold, neon, warm, deeply hued, rich…color in all shades and tones draws me in close,  hugs me tightly, and ignites my imagination with possibilities.  When I started to discover this about myself during a session, my therapist asked me to focus on what I felt emotionally and how color impacted my senses when I encountered it. I remember sitting in her office and describing how I could feel the blues and greens on her office walls creating warmth and excitement in my chest, causing my heart to feel like it was going to burst open. I’ll never forget that session because it changed my life. I went from having  spent my childhood & teen years always imagining what it would be like to live out the colors I felt and saw daily to actually doing it. I went from admiring and envying people who dyed their hair bold, bright hues, to being one of them. I went from living inside my head to living and being who I am out loud and I haven’t looked back since.

I used to be afraid of living a colorful life because it didn’t seem to fit what the people in my life expected from me. It didn’t seem to be how I “should” live my life. But once I shed that expectation and thought about what makes me who I really am, I realized that my love for color is one of the several things that makes me unique…and while I think it’s pretty cool, I think it’s even more incredible that my son loves and appreciates this about me as well.

What about you? What makes you unique?

I was reading Karen Walrond’s chapter on individuality late last night in her book, The Beauty of Different. In that chapter she shares a story of a woman who embraced her unique traits and called them her superpowers. Her idea resonated with me because it allowed me see myself in a new light and re-frame what I thought were imperfections.

It also helped me understand that it’s okay to celebrate who you are and be confident in what makes you special. I used to think that doing so meant I was conceited or vain, two traits I can’t tolerate in others. I still struggle with this idea of celebrating who I am but reading about individuality in Karen’s book has helped me tremendously in this area.

It’s helped me so much in fact that for today’s post I asked my Twitter family to share with me what makes them unique and what their super powers are. I was blown away by their answers and am honored to share them with you

Stephanie: “I’m fearless in front of a crowd.”

Charity: “I am a helper. I LOVE to help people. If I offer, I truly mean it and it hurts to be turned down because my heart is so in it.”

Jenna: “Super sensitive empathy. Bearing emotional burdens alone with a friend and physically/emotionally feeling some of their pain.”

Lauren: “I’m realizing that sometimes even what we perceive as negative and malfunctioning is beautiful and strong….I suppose one of my superpowers then is my ability to re-frame things, no matter how dark, in a positive light.”

Story: It’s my intuition, my ability to read people…I’m also good at getting people to talk. Which is why my high school classroom would be full of crying teenage girls! :)”

My superpowers? Transparency….and color. TONS of color. From my clothes to my hair, to my apartment, everything has color in it. And you know what? Everywhere I go, my love of color brightens people’s day, often in the most unexpected way.

Whatever your superpower is, whatever makes you, YOU, embrace it, celebrate it, and live it out, daily for the world to see and enjoy. You never know who will be rescued by it.

What makes you unique, special, different? What’s your superpower?  How do you live it out? Feel free to share and don’t forget, if you’d like a chance to win a copy of Karen’s book, The Beauty of Different, leave a comment on yesterday’s Dance Party Friday post here.

Want to read about other women with superhero powers? Check out the nominee list for the Top 25 Postpartum Depression Blogs by Moms 2012  here. You’ll be blown away by they’re stories. 


4 thoughts on “Self-Love Saturday: Celebrate Uniqueness & Embrace Your Superpower

  1. My superpower (besides my magic milk making ability) is my ability to know and be honest with myself. I’m very insightful and now that I’m sharing those insights with others, it’s allowing me to be wholehearted. 🙂

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