Dance Party Friday: What Gets You Movin?

” How can moms find time to work out?”  asked the Circle of Moms Q & A email sitting in my inbox.


Good question considering exercising is something I struggle to find time for myself.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that a year ago I was obsessed with exercising, but not the kind that I enjoyed, mostly because I was doing it for the wrong reasons. Slaving away with Bob Harper and the Biggest Loser crew wasn’t helping me lose weight or feel good about myself and I darn sure wasn’t looking forward to it each day. It took me realizing that I needed to work on loving myself before I found what kind of exercise I enjoyed. I had to start paying attention to what my body was saying and how it felt during exercise to find what it enjoys as well.

My new philosophy on exercise is this: if I’m going to take time out of my day to focus on my physical health, then

  • It has to be fun
  • It has to be worth my time
  • It has to help me feel good and motivated
  • I have to look forward to doing it
  • My body’s gotta love it and it has to teach me how to love my body as well

So for me, yoga and dancing do all of the above. Yoga teaches me how to find comfort in the uncomfortable mentally and physically, and dancing teaches me how to tap into how I’m feeling and just let loose. Dancing sets my mind at ease, and helps me feel free.

It’s a little difficult to make time for yoga, but because I’m a music lova, making time to dance is easy. I can do it while I’m vacuuming, washing dishes, folding laundry, or just goofing around with my boys.

So if you’re struggling to find time to exercise, don’t give up but give in to what your body’s trying to tell you about what it likes. Find an activity that you really enjoy and make 20 minutes a few times a week for it. If you have kiddos, get them in on it too, that always helps. Whatever activity you do, just make sure you love it.

Speaking if loving it, this week I’m dancing to “Moves Like Jagger” for Jessica over at Really? I’m a Mom? . When I say I LOVE this song….oooooh weeeeee! Man I love the groove in this song y’all. It gets my head bobbing, toes tapping, fingers snapping and body moving from the first note. It’s infectious. I have to dance every time I hear it….and admit it…so do you, right?

OH! One more thing-I published my 200th post this week! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! OH YEA! To celebrate, I’m having a giveaway. Leave a comment with the name of  your favorite exercise and a song that gets your body groovin and you’ll be entered to win

  • The Beauty of Different, by Karen Walrond to help you on your self-love journey
  • A $25 music gift card from Amazon or iTunes (whichever you use) to get some groovin tunes
  • This nifty cool “fit book” to help you develop a healthy workout plan as well as track your eating habits. (This book has helped me tons the past 3 weeks)








The lucky winner will be chosen by, so comment away and good luck!


10 thoughts on “Dance Party Friday: What Gets You Movin?

  1. Love it! Thank you so much 🙂 Monkey and I were dancing along w ya. I love to do Zumba as my exercise but moves like jagger always makes me groove. Oh that and Just wanna say by Israel Houghton

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  3. You know I looove me some yoga. It feels so good to be able to actually get into child’s pose again. 😉

    Hmmmm…and a song that gets me moving? Lady Gaga. Anything Lady Gaga. Works eveytime and I love that she reminds me that I am exactly who I am supposed to be.

  4. My favorite exercise is zumba which I haven’t done in over 2 years. One of the songs that I use to get me grooving is “I like to move it” by reel to real.

  5. Ooh, just one song? That’s tough. But since you’re a Prince lova, I’ll pick “Baby I’m a Star!” how can you NOT move to that song? Also, my favorite way to work my body is Pilates.

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