Beautifully Broken: These Manic Moments

I painted yesterday.


In between taking care of two sick kids and cleaning my apartment, I somehow managed to




(Now mind you-I have no technical skill, I am not an artist. I can draw stick people and color in lines but that’s as far as my skills go. I just like color…and creating something even if it’s simplistic and looks like nothing….)

I’ve been cycling between depression and mania all week, daily, but have spent the past two days full on hypomanic.

Hence the all day painting.

At least I’m finding a release from it; being able to creatively express the explosions of colors and frantic thoughts in my mind keeps me from teetering off the edge.

I’m Bipolar. There are parts of me that malfunction and are broken….

but I’m finally starting to see the beauty that does lie underneath it all, and am learning to capture it, use it, and build upon it….so I don’t give space to the darkness.





Several people have reached out and asked me to paint a word or picture for them. Instead of selling anything, I have a project idea that would benefit a nonprofit dear to my heart. Once I get the details finalized, I will post the info-stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Beautifully Broken: These Manic Moments

  1. I think those are all gorgeous.
    I scrapbook.
    I know…
    But I think it’s awesome that you’re channeling all of that energy and are creating such beautiful pieces of art.
    They’re going to be a hit.

    • Who called you a dork? Girl I will beat them into next week for calling you names! Especially over scrapbooking because that’s awesome. Confession: I secretly admire people who scrapbook. Like seriously. I have so much respect for y’all. Your gathering of memories and the way you creatively archive things….brilliant. Seriously creative folks you scrapbookers 🙂

      Thank you friend…I’m not used to getting attention for something I consider to just be a hobby, so this is all new to me….

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