Speaking Out on PPD, Motherhood, & Mental Illness

I made mention last week that I read one of my blog posts about PPD, motherhood and mental illness, during my university’s chapel session. This particular chapel was conducted by the Culture & Arts Association, one of my favorite clubs on campus, and the theme of the chapel was called “Through My Blurry Lens.” Several students spoke on various aspects of culture, bravely shared experiences they’ve had, and I was honored to be among them and do the same.

I read my post “Stealing It All Back….with Gratitude,” a post that was inspired by photos I took for a project conducted by the incredibly awesome Karen Walrond from Chookooloonks. Her gratitude.2012 project is designed to help develop a gratitude practice through photography AND your subscription helps an important charity. For more info you can click here, or the “gratitude 2012” button over yonder on your right. Thanks for doing so and without further ado, here’s my reading…..if you think it would help someone you know who’s struggling with PPD, please share it as my prayer is that it gives them some hope that recovery DOES happen. There is light at the end of the tunnel….

“the shadow proves the sunshine…” (Switchfoot)


One thought on “Speaking Out on PPD, Motherhood, & Mental Illness

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