Piercing the Darkness: Leave A Note…Shine Hope

A couple of weeks ago, my fellow Warrior Mom and friend Nicole over at Healing Mutti posted a picture on my Facebook wall with an encouraging message. (I tried finding the picture, but it’s disappeared-stupid Facebook!) I had been having a rough couple of days and her simple message of love was effective, lifting me up out of the funk I was in. A few minutes later, I received an event invite from her to an event called “Piercing the Darkness: Leave a Note,” and being the curious person I am, I checked out their page and was blown away.

The event itself is worldwide and is quite simple: leave a note of encouragement and hope somewhere someone can find it…on a community bulletin board, bathroom mirror, grocery store shelf…anywhere it can be found. The organizers describe the event and their community as

The purpose of Piercing the Darkness is to help be a source of light in the world in these times of darkness. We do easy, simple things that help others feel a little better, and in turn, we feel a little better, too. It’s a baby step towards bringing light back into this perpetually darkening world.

We are non-denominational. We are non-political. We are unaffiliated with any group. The only reason we exist is to help spread light and positive energy in a depressed world – to help you, to help ourselves, to help each other. We welcome you to join us, and are honored to share our path!

Pretty incredible right? Think about it: each of us want to contribute something to the world right? We all secretly or not so secretly want to make an impact on others in some fashion, don’t we? We all want to do something meaningful, something great…but I think oftentimes get discouraged because we think we have to do something huge and monumental to make a difference.  We just honored the legacy and memory of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The impact his work had on our country and the world can be felt and seen today-40 years since the dismantling of Jim Crow…and while he was a gifted orator, a prominent civil rights leader and had incredible insight & vision, he at one time was just a man with a simple message: LOVE. Non-violence. Love each other.

You and I may not be Dr. King or any of the other incredible people we admire, but we all have something to contribute; we can all do acts of greatness through simple acts of love every day, right?

That’s why I signed up to assault my local Target, Walmart & campus with random notes of love & hope. That’s why I sent tweets and text messages with words of encouragement for the people in my life who encourage and lift me up every day.

And as great as it feels to be able to lift someone else up anonymously or let a friend know you think they rock, it feels just as wonderful to receive a dose of hope right when you need it most….like I did when my other Warrior Mom & friend Jaime from James &  Jax text me this lovely note:

I don't think she realizes how much I needed these exact words!

You may not be Mother Theresa…but you can help shine a little light into someone else’s darkness. All it takes is a sharpie, a piece of paper, and an ounce of courage to leave it for someone to find.


4 thoughts on “Piercing the Darkness: Leave A Note…Shine Hope

    • It was fabulous, and so uplifting. I really enjoyed it and of course you made the blog! Thank you for the incredible note-very “on time” as they say. We should definitely put something like this in practice more often.

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