Self-Love Saturday: In Pictures

New colors in the ‘do…



Tea before therapy….






Some inspiration on how to “embrace my different kind of beauty.”


Snuggling on the couch with a sweet friend….(tasty too!)


And that is how I’ve spent my Saturday, taking care of myself and allowing someone to treat me to some much needed pampering.

I needed it today. Therapy was long and intense because we started exhuming my experience with sexual abuse…and all of the emotions I hadn’t allowed myself to feel about it. It was brutal…but it was worth it because it’s time I processed it so I can be healed…move closer to be whole…

Wholehearted living…living and no longer just surviving…and learning to love myself through all of it. Those are the goals.

What about you? Do you have any goals or desires in the self-love department? Were you kind to yourself today?


One thought on “Self-Love Saturday: In Pictures

  1. Ahhh…mani and pedi….I so so NEED to have that.
    The hair is so lovely dear…but any colour on you would suit your pretty face.
    I love that you are so daring.
    Therapy stirs up a lot of burried funk but I think that in the end you’ll be free of it.
    i need to do more of this after the couple weeks I had. Once everything settles I’m being selfish and it’s all going to be about me 😉

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