An Improvement?

Stuck on the couch with a blinding migraine….

Curse you, bloody side effects!


But at least it’s an improvement from the bathroom floor….

Silver lining maybe? Perhaps. Half full, people, we’re going for the half full mindset. Thinking the glass is half empty will only make it worse. Must. Endure. The Yuckiness.


6 thoughts on “An Improvement?

  1. I understand your pain when it comes to med changes. I am in search of something to help my Borderline Personality Disorder. I had tried antipsych’s but the weight gain killed me. Feeling hopeless trying to find the right meds to help my anger episodes and I am not looking forward to whatever side effects come with the new meds. I hope you feel better and hope the side effects calm down

    • Ouch. I’m so sorry to hear you’re struggling with trying to find the right meds and to hear of your struggle with BPD. It’s a frustrating merry go round to be on, and while I don’t have BPD, I can understand the struggle of trying to live with an MI. ((((HUGS))) I hope you find the right med soon and that things settle for you. I’ll be reading your blog, thank you for coming by and for the well wishes. Hang in there friend.

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