After trauma, teaching hope –

Shes matter-of-fact about the tragedy. “Look, I wouldnt have chosen it, but since it did happen, I chose how I was going to respond to it. Because you can still learn from a catastrophe and have some good thing result from it in the future. I make an effort not to dwell on whats a disadvantage, but to turn it into an advantage.”

via After trauma, teaching hope – ( I can’t put into words how insightful this article is and how necessary it is you read it-especially if you have endured or suffered any trauma in your life, and have dealt with any kind of mental illness as a result.)

One thought on “After trauma, teaching hope –

  1. “But you can still learn from it”…amen.
    While so many of us who were diagnosed with PPD don’t realize it at the time, we do learn so so SO much about ourselves.
    There are things that I’ve learned about myself that I would have never known.
    And I’m turning this into something positive by reaching out to women all across the world through my blog…that is pretty freaking amazing.
    Like I would have never met you! And that gives me a sad face because I think you’re pretty awesome.

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