I’m taking a break for a few days from writing here. I might even take a whole week. I just need a break. I’ve kind of entered a “low” state emotionally & mentally & just need a break. I need to unplug, especially from social media. I need to regroup, reconsider & just do some serious self-care to get me going again.

So-no dance party Friday tomorrow. No self-love Saturday this week. And probably not next week, I’m not sure yet.

I will miss you, and this little corner of my mind here online. Be back soon………

6 thoughts on “Hiatus….

  1. I’ll miss you too. But I understand. I am THIS close to a hiatus myself, but only because I’m too damn busy right now, mostly with work. Hope I see you pop up on Twitter & FB every once in a while. If not, we will see each other in October at the GLO lunch. Yay!

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