Dance Party Friday: Square Biz Edition

Ok. So. Inspired by a chat with one of my amazing Twitter mamas (@momgosomething) I thought to myself, “Self, what makes you feel good?” Music. Dancing. “Wouldn’t it be nifty if you could have a dance party with other people online, people like @momgosomething, who loves to crank up the volume and dance in her kitchen as much as you do?”

Wow. Yes. Yes it would. I mean people have #Wineparties & Twitter chats, & GNO’s on Twitter. Why not have a dance party? On a Friday. Just because it something that makes me feel good. Gets me moving, gets my heart pumping, makes me feel ALIVE and forget about the daily grind I’m in. Makes me forget that I struggle in the mental health dept,and makes me feel free.  Feel joy. Feel good about myself, reminds me that yes, there is a funny, silly goofball of a geek inside who. just. has. to. dance. Why not use dance as therapy? (I am after all planning on becoming a dance movement therapist) Use it as a tool to help me shed some insecurities about myself ? Use it to learn how to love & accept myself in whatever state I’m in or weight I’m at ? Plus they say exercise is a good way to battle depression & other mood disorders. It’s a proven coping method.

So. Yes. I’ve decided to dance. Every Friday, I will post a new video of myself getting down with the get down & groovin to my fave tunes. Any song, any genre, anything that strikes my fancy I will be shaking my fanny to. And you, my dear readers will get to see it. See me make a fool of myself but see me really go after this self-love thing with a vengeance.

But I don’t just want you to be a spectator. I want you to participate. They say that if you want to see real change and want to make a real impact then throw down a challenge. So here is my challenge to you: Dance with me. Let’s find a way to Skype, Facebook Video Chat, or hangout on Google + and just DANCE. We can pick a song, maybe two and just have a dance party together, in good fun, just to let loose at the end of the week. If you want to send me a video of yourself getting your groove on & want to post it, email me a link: bconfessions (@) gmail (dot) com.

Below is my first video. Don’t worry, I’m buying a better webcam, so I’m working on the video quality. And I was super nervous so forgive the deer in headlights serious looks I have at times. Just me fighting the urge to quit and go vomit in the toilet HAHAHAHAAAAA. I’m serious.  Enjoy!

I’d really love to thank Kimberly for inspiring me & giving me the courage to post this. You should really read her blog (see how her name’s in pink? click on it!) Her owning her story and sharing her experiences helped save my life. Seriously. And I also want to thank Joy Tanksley for giving me the push as well to run with this idea. Not only is her blog awesome, but she posts videos of her boogie-ing too! Check it out…….and then, make urself some room where ever you are & just dance baby. 🙂

Happy Friday!


25 thoughts on “Dance Party Friday: Square Biz Edition

  1. You. ARE. AWESOME!!!
    Perhaps there needs to be a linky added? Or a badge?
    I am so excited that you did this.
    This weekend, when my husband can man the camera, I will boogie my trunk off and will hook it up.
    Love you hard right now

    • No YOU are for embracing the idea and giving me the gumption to do it! Thank you 🙂 LOVE YOU back. Seriously. Yes, get the hubby to man the camera and shake yo groove thang-I wanna SEE it! And love it! And dance with you!

      So let’s talk badges & linky(s)….how do I do either of those? I’m a newbie in this dept so give it to me like “Linky(s) & badges for dummies” LOL

      I’m so happy you loved it!

    • AGGGGHHHHHHHHH! In that case I have to say how f—– awesome it is that you watched & loved it! YOU. I swear if I ever meet you I’ma have the ugly cry…then we can go hit the dance floor at one of those blogger parties 🙂 Love that you loved it (and posted it everywhere) Thank you SO much for your support & encouragement during my journey & recovery. Means the world to me. So glad I found you, found your site.

    • And those were the goals! I made myself watch it til I finally laughed & smiled too instead of feeling mortified or doing in face-palming! LOL. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. More to come! (and I love your blog by the way-just found it today-great to connect with someone new!)

  2. What Kim & Katherine said, times a gazillion. You made my very hectic annoying day! Seriously! LOVE the video & how you put yourself out there like that. I will work up to it, but it’ll take me like 5 years I think.

    • In 5 years I will hopefully be a dance movement therapist, so I can help you work up to it! LOL in the meantime, we’ll just go out for some Mexican Post margaritas in Philly, I’ll pull out the flip cam & we’ll dance without inhibition…that way you can blame it on the alcohol 🙂

      I’m sorry your day was hectic & annoying, but after reading a few of your tweets and having to do some storm prep shopping myself after orientation, I see why it was. Hang in there woman-stay away from the news! Pull out that Kindle….

      I am glad it made your day though! And that you loved it! Means so much 🙂

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  4. I am SO dancing in my chair right now. This is fantastic! Thank you. I want to do it. I’ll have to link up next week. Remind me! Dancing in the kitchen and through my office is one of the ways I can shake off anxiety. You rock so hard 😀

    • I’ve got my iTunes library rockin right now, so I am SO dancing while I type this reply to you! LOL. I’m serious. I’m typing with one hand because the other is doing the sprinkler (Night @ The Roxby style)

      What?! You’re a kitchen/living room/office dancer TOO/! OH you, me, and Kim have to do a hangout & get down!!!!!!!!! Dance is the perfect way to shake off anxiety…and I love to do it, so I don’t know why I didn’t think of adding it to my “toolkit” sooner. So glad you have though and that it gets you through.

      hehheeee, thank you! So please you enjoyed it AND that it got you dancing!!!! YES!!!!! I will remind you! We’ll figure out a way to link up or something….so get ready!

    • YES! I was SO hoping it would be. It was hard to do and I wanted to give up a few times, but I made myself stick it out, and the reason being is what you said was for you: motivating & inspiring. And it made you want to get down! That’s what I’m talking about! Work it!

      Thank you for checking it out…and rockin with me 🙂 Nice to meet you as well!

  5. Oh. My. God!
    To say that you rock would be ridiculous, right? Well, obviously you are a diamond!
    And that Tshirt is awesome, and I love everything everything about this.
    you are beautiful, your moves are beautiful. i’ve had the worst day ever (site has been hacked), and this is just what I needed. Restarting the video to start dancing with you.

    • awwwwww man, thank you. Seriously. I loved doing this one, but I’m planning on really rockin to some rock soon 🙂 headbang this afro around some LOL. That tee is one of my faves! I love how it fits & feels. I love comfy-ness when dancing 🙂

      I’m sorry to hear about the site being hacked! Did you get it recovered/fixed? As a former web designer/consultant I know how stressful & FRUSTRATING stuff like that is. It’s a serious pain in the arse. Like, seriously. ((HUGS & good techie vibes))

      I love that you loved it and that you thought my moves were beautiful, because i thought they were embarrassing! Well, at first. Then I just accepted ’em for what they were lol.

      I hope the dancing went well and relieved some of that tension stress! Shake it off mama!

      • turned out it was a stoooopiiiiid DNS error, not a hack. can I have those 4 hours of my life back?

        Danced with you with my kids. we are all fans now.

  6. That is MY song! I got goosebumps watching u, my eyes filled with tears… YOU ROCK! I love the Dance Party Friday idea…maybe I will give it a try, though u have already stolen all my moves! 😉 Loved the spin towards the end! BRAVO!!!! ❤

    • Was Teena Marie not incredible or what?! Seriously?! I miss that woman & her gift of song. This one has ALWAYS made me want to dance. It’s on my “cleaning” playlist & I dance to it while picking up around the house. I didn’t steal ’em….I learned from the best back when I was real little & lived in AK with mommy who had amazing dance powers 🙂

      The spin! confession: I almost lost my balance & fell! HAAAAAAAAHHHAAAA! Thank you, thank you *taking a bow*

      C’mon…give it a try….we only live once Mama 🙂

    • THANK YOU! I can say the exact same about your site, OMG I’m in blogger love. Your site is gorgeous so are your stories & family. Seriously, thank you for watching the video, loving it, and visiting my space, because now I’ve found another great blog to read & connect with!

  7. Watched again this morning to get my day cranking! Absolutely freakin’ fantastic! I’m so glad you did this and so glad you’re gonna keep doing it. I believe dance is an act of radical self love. And when you share that with others? I think it has the power to truly change the world. I’m not even kidding. So thanks for bringing the boogie. Can’t wait to see more!!!

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  10. This is fantastic! You made me smile from ear to ear. Thank you for posting this. You hav inspired me to boogie a little these days! This has also reminded me to try to do things that make me happy and mile. It’s hard to remember that sometimes! Good times girl!

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