Clarity on Being Diagnosed with BPD2


That’s what I’ve had since I walked into the hospital 3 weeks ago and asked-no begged-for help. For relief.


Like a seed planted in the earth it began to grow roots in me as soon as the intake psych began to describe this thing called Bipolar Disorder 2. Each word he spoke, every word I’ve read about it since, every conversation I’ve had with my ex, every memory that’s risen to the surface since has been like water & fertilizer nourishing it to grow & sprout, leaving me in a reflective state of mind.


It’s amazing how liberating and terrifying validation can be. How hearing someone tell you that yes, what you’ve been experiencing is REAL and yes it’s treatable. but being terrified about what it all means. Medication isn’t a cure, but will I have to be on it for the rest of my life? How long will it take to find the right cocktail that keeps me off the roller coaster ride? Will the wrong one, the wrong dosage trigger a hypomanic phase or push me into the steep waters of mania? Yes. Finally. An answer. Yes, OMG this answer makes so much sense. But OMG in hindsight I see myself at 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and now 28 exhibiting the symptoms I’ve read & been told so much about. OMG…I need help. Real help.


I look back 2 1/2 years ago and see now what triggered this latest bout with what my psych calls manic depression. At first I thought I was just dissatisfied with my life, my circumstances. And I was. But I just told myself to shake it off…but I couldn’t. I was having trouble concentrating. So much so that I couldn’t work. Didn’t want to take care of my son. Couldn’t think clearly. Couldn’t make a decision. Hazy…I remember things being hazy when it started. Then my cousin died tragically on my mom’s birthday, the only day in my life where I’ve ever seen her completely free from worry and consumed with happiness….and waking up to her sobs the next morning as she heard the news set a whole series of things in motion that deepened the depression. Thinking that it was somehow PMS related, I went to my OB. He suggested birth control, exercise, change my diet. I tried those things….when I had the energy. When I had the motivation or when my focus wasn’t so hazy. It wasn’t often.Most days I just wanted to sit perfectly still or lie curled up in a ball-alone. I sunk deeper into this gravity well, not knowing what was wrong but knowing I wasn’t myself. I botched my semester of school that spring. I ended a relationship/friendship with someone I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with, and I was tired of pretending to believe in “us.”  A month after I went on a casual date, just to feel somewhat human again, and a month later I found out I was pregnant. Again. Which threw me right back into the gravity well I had been emerging from. I had moments of happiness or moments of “being ok” during my pregnancy. But for the majority of it I was in hell. Once I got over the guilt of having another child out of wedlock, the physical complications I experienced dragged me back down. I cycled between being depressed, immobilized on my couch to raging and screaming at my ex because I felt he was judging me for being this, this blob of a person…or didn’t like what I made for dinner. Didn’t matter. If we argued it usually involved me either walking away or exploding with rage I’d never felt before. Hot, boiling, seething, lava-like rage that left me wondering what kind of person I was turning into.  So I cycled between that, and working myself into a whirlwind frenzy, never able to sit still or sit down. I’d be amazingly productive, full of ideas & projects I wanted to start….and then would lose the energy to follow through. I’d clean. I mean clean, clean, clean. I called it nesting, my ex called it obsessive, we both agreed it might be a problem if it continued after the baby was born. It did. I obsessed. With everything. Alex had reflux the first 3 months of his life and I obsessed over & bought every product possible that might help him….and keep me from losing my sanity because I didn’t know what to do to comfort him. Meet his needs. So I would snap, scream, yell, in my closet alone, or in front of Brennan when he spilled something or asked me the same question twice in a row. I felt detached from my baby. I was beyond fatigued. So I went back to the OB. He gave me Zoloft-said it would help with the depression, PPD symptoms I was having, help take the edge off. Well, it lifted the depression, but increased the intensity of the edginess. I’m talking INTENSE anxiety. I’d have a perfect day with my family. And be so angry come night time I wouldn’t even be able to utter a word or explain why I felt so….so….like I could smash someone’s face in. So the anxiety would trigger anger, which would trigger guilt, which would trigger depression and then out of nowhere I’d have a day or two where I was normal. Me. And then it would start all over again. Sometimes several times in one day. Some of it I blamed on the ambiguity & spiritual conflicts I was having with my relationship. Most of it though, I knew in my gut that something was wrong with me. But everyone I talked to about it,(therapists and pastors included) said it was normal. I was a single parent with an ambiguous relationship going to school full-time with two kids under the age of 5-IT WAS NORMAL.  So….I took that for awhile. I put on the “nothing’s wrong with me, I just need to change my circumstances” t-shirt and tightened up my bootstraps.


But screaming at Brennan and feeling the urge to hit him when he spilled something on the floor wasn’t normal. Hiding in the bathroom or in my closet because I was afraid of  the intensity of my emotions & my kids wasn’t normal. Being resentful of my ex and my baby and even myself might have been normal to a degree but the anger and rage that came from it wasn’t. In February my ex and I broke up for the 2nd time and I wanted to kill myself. Not just because of the torturous pain of the break up or because I wanted to actually die.I wanted to live. Just not like this. I just wanted relief. I hated myself. I hated the mother I was. I hated how I was treating myself and my sons. I hated how I had treated my ex, my best friend. I hated the lack of control I was feeling. Not being able to control certain things happening in your life is one thing. But not being able to control your own emotions, not understanding what’s going on within you, but doing everything you could to address it-working out, taking meds, doing group therapy sessions, going to church, praying-and STILL not being able to find relief? STILL euphoric & amazingly on fire one day and then curled up in bed the next, physically unable to move, the only thing stirring you from your catatonic state the needs & demands of your children? I couldn’t take it. I wanted out. I sat for many nights during February & March with my door closed and a knife in my hand after I had put the boys to bed, trying to find the courage somewhere to just do it. But thinking of my boys always kept me from it. Who would take care of them? I couldn’t do that to them. So instead I would just scream into a pillow to stifle my anguish & rage so they wouldn’t hear me.


Things got better for awhile. And by things I mean my circumstances.I started therapy sessions at the Postpartum Stress Center, which helped me learn some ways to cope with my lack of enjoyment with motherhood. I found out I could graduate. I got accepted to the school I wanted. I realized I loved social media but helping others is what I was really passionate about so I switched my major. My ex and I got back together. We started making plans.I started running again. Lost 15 pounds but gained it back. I started having some health issues with my rambunctious ovaries and wacky thyroid. But ultimately, even though things were going well my anxiety was sky high. Sweats. Difficulty swallowing. Fatigue.  Edginess. Irritability. But then euphoric feelings of accomplishment on days I accomplished my to-do lists with a flourish. And then back to the edginess.Irritability. The screaming. Only I was more aware of it now. More focused on trying to control it. More self-aware. But I still couldn’t grasp ahold of it like I needed to. I had to stop therapy. I graduated. I set out to have an enjoyable summer with my boys. But I couldn’t shake the days of feeling on top of the world and then feeling like I was in the darkness of hell. I couldn’t quiet the thoughts that raced through my mind nonstop and often spilled out at a rapid pace when I talked to people, namely my ex. My mind couldn’t be quiet and hadn’t for months. Concentration? Forget it. I went back to my doc who put me on Lexapro for the anxiety.


3 weeks ago the thoughts became worse. The racing, frantic pace of them. The hopelessness. The feeling like I just couldn’t handle it anymore. The sinking feeling in my gut that told me if I kept going I was going to end up losing myself to the madness. Losing my kids. And then there were the thoughts again. Of killing myself. Because I was tired of suffering and I wasn’t sure if God was hearing me beg for relief.


I got it when I walked into the hospital and sat down at the desk in the behavioral health clinic. Reading and being told what my symptoms mean has opened a flood gate of memories from the past 10 years,helping me to understand that after going through what I went through as a child, and after suffering from depression, and dealing with that and anxiety after my last pregnancy, a diagnosis like this only makes sense. Finding out that taking an antidepressant can trigger a rapid cycling of BPD2 symptoms has helped me make sense of the past 9 mos, cause that’s what it’s been. Swinging from one mood to the other, often without rhyme or reason.


It’s helped me understand that despite whatever regular relationship issues we’ve had, my illness the past 2 years has taken a toll on my ex and he just can’t be with me. He can be my friend. But he can’t be my partner. My husband. It’s taken too much out of him, and I don’t blame him. It hurts like hell, don’t get it twisted and I feel abandoned in a sense, but I get it. I don’t want to be with me either.


This has changed my perspective on a lot of things-my faith, my relationships with people, my kids, myself as a Mama, ME. I don’t have all the answers but just getting this one has set me on the path to finding them. To learning more about myself. To learning more about God and what it means to be bipolar & a Christian.


I’m glad I grabbed ahold of it before it was too late.


3 thoughts on “Clarity on Being Diagnosed with BPD2

  1. I already tweeted up a storm but here’s some comment love too.
    Thank you for your honesty. You are truly one brave mama. You’ve been through so much and your honesty and sharing touches my heart and will help so many others going through similar “stuff”. (((((hugs))))) to you always.

  2. You have oodles of courage, most people would never have the strength to share this. But then again, you are not most people! 😉 You are very special, always have been. You are going to help so many people by sharing your experiences. I am so very proud of you. I pray that God will continue to bless, guide and protect you. ❤

  3. Thank you. Thank you for telling your truth – the whole truth – and owning it. When you can do that, there is no shame left. Because you did not cause this…it is something happening to you, not because of you. I am so proud of you, not just for sharing this, but for being brave enough to seek help and to admit to yourself the truth of what was going on so you could start your journey towards being better…being yourself again.

    I know you said you understand why your ex was overwhelmed and why he can’t be your partner. But it broke my heart to read that you don’t want to be with you either. Because the A’Driane I’ve gotten to know over the last months is brave, and kind, and loves her little boys. She is quick to cheer others on and has a great sense of humor about herself and life. I think that’s worth being with, no matter what your struggles.

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