Summer Vacay: Day 1

brennan up at 5:30am. alex up by 6:30am. crash collision. 4yr old shenanigans. blueberry pancakes. Bert & Ernie. Diego. my client’s 3 minute segment on the TODAY Show (Jim Carrey sucked up all the time being, well, Jim Carrey, which cut down my client’s segment, but hey, it’s Jim Carrey.)

the park

Newly discovered park down the street

Alex & the Slide

Bren Bren begging Bertski to go higher

 bubbles & Afro Fairies

Afro Fairy w/her magical bubbles


some sidewalk chalk

Chalk Graffiti

 a secret garden

I loved the book as a kid, now I have my own: Secret Garden

grilled cheese. yo gabba gabba dancey dance time. robots. naptime. angry birds. a little work for said client. shower (I actually took time to shave my legs-doesn’t happen very often these days). dinner. popcorn. movie night.

Mi Familia

Addye, Brennan, Alex & Bertski the Robot

operation enjoy Mamahood is underway & day one of summer vacay is complete. i know every day won’t be like this, but when the tough ones do come, i’ll have this to remind me of how beautiful my life really is.

anxiety-you can go kick rocks with open toe shoes.



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