Guess Who’s Back…Back Again?

I just woke up from a cat nap to find every mother’s arch nemesis, The Plague, rounding up its germ-infested forces to begin its takeover of my immune system, yet again. (Sigh) First area of attack? My throat. Its scratchy…a few coughs just managed to escape, telling me on their way out the worst is still to come. Second attack? My body’s stores of energy-I awoke to finding my energy level already severely depleted and going faster than I can search my med cabinet for some Tylenol Cold…As my immune system rounds up antibodies to prepare for battle, I can hear The Plague’s sinister laugh, taunting me, telling me its too late-the war has begun…the assault is in full swing and my system is set to self-destruct in ten…nine…eight…

My eyes are burning…I’m going to need some soup and tea…(Sigh) this couldn’t have waited til after I read my two chapters for psych? I have class tomorrow…Oh Plague you strike at the most inopportune times…darn kid-germs!


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