It’s His World…

The following are excerpts from random conversations I’ve had recently with my almost 4 year old…… It’s his world, I just live in it 🙂

1. sitting in a packed waiting room at the Social Security office:

Brennan: “Mommie (gently touching my face) I love your hair.”

Me: “Thank you, Brennan.” (looking at my ticket number, shaking legs anxiously)

Brennan: “Mommie….I love your eyes.”

Me: (eyebrow raised-but feeling loved) “Why thank you, Brennan, you’re so sweet!”

Brennan: (voice raised extra loud) “Mommie! I LOVE YOUR BOOBS!”

Me: (open mouth-now old people are staring at me-my face is hot-I have no response-looking for an escape hatch) “Man, when are they going to call our number?!” (and WHEN & WHERE did he learn THAT?)

2. Me, sick, trying to get the boys settled in for the night….about to play CandyLand with Bren-AFTER I handle the waterfall of snot that’s oozing from my nose….I head to the bathroom, telling Bren:

Me: “Brennan, set up the game, I’ll be right back, I have to blow my nose!.”

Brennan: “You have boogies?” (following me into my bathroom-CandyLand forgotten)

Me: “Yes, loads of em. They are atrocious!

pause….out of the corner of my eye I see him eyeing me curiously

Me: “Do you know what atrocious means?” (no movement, but eyes clearly say no) “It kinda means very bad, awful, not good.”

Brennan: (nodding in understanding, starting to walk away) “Very bad! I need tissue, I have atrocious boogies! Mommie, I have very atrocious bad boogies in my nose!”

3. In my office, I’m typing away on the lappy, he comes flying in, voice frantic….


Me: “Huh?”


Me: “What?!”

Brennan: “MOMMIE, I HAVE A (something unintelligible) ON MY TONGUE! (opens mouth) SEEEEE?!”

Me: “Boy, what are you talking about?!”

Brennan: “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” (crazy laughter) (runs out of office screaming something about “Dr. Evil Porkchop!”)

Ummmmmm….yea LOL

4. In my kitchen, standing on the scale waiting for the digital display to tell me how little I’ve lost….Bren walks up, peers around my legs at the scale….

Brennan: “Mommie, that says 180-8.”

Me: “It sure does-good job.”

Brennan: “That’s aloootttt of numbers!” (walks away)

Me: (sighing, grabbing “the mass” aka post-pregnancy pooch) “Yea, those are alot of numbers.”

5. Sitting at the table, eating dinner, Brennan is eyeing a mini-mound of sweet potatoes on his plate…

Brennan: “I don’t want those…”

Me: “Well, you have to eat a couple of bites, Brennan.”

Brennan (eyeing me warily): “I’ll take onnnne bite.”

Me: “Three bites”

Brennan: “Um, two bites?”

Me:” Ok, fine, two bites but you have to eat everything else, Mr. Particular.”

Brennan: “I’m not Msisister ‘Ticula, I’m Brennan Mills!”

Like I said, it’s his world, I just live in it……

6 thoughts on “It’s His World…

    • LOL-thank you, he says stuff that makes me either scratch my head, cringe in public, or crack up. This is just the first edition…there will be more “It’s His World,” postings 🙂

  1. super enjoyable. I love that you are writing all of these quotes down, I should do the same for my boys, they say such funny things, but so many times I forget about them before I write them down.

    • thank you, it definetely made me laugh just writing them out-relieved some “mommie” stress. I run into the forgetting issue also-when I was writing this, I knew there were more things he’s said, I just couldn’t recall them at the moment…def need to find a way to capture them “in the moment.”

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