Decompression leads to Laughter

I haven’t blogged in awhile…well, at least not on here. I’ve been writing though-in journals, on sticky notes, in my head while I’m in the shower…I’ll eventually get to posting them soon (hopefully)

I just wanted to take a moment and post something that helped me decompress this evening.

Pushed to the limit and feeling mommie burn out, I finally had enough tonight when my 7 mo decided to throw yet another fit during dinner. 20 mins and lots of high-pitched, ear splitting screams later, both of us were covered in baby food…and so was the carpet in my dining room. Feeling the urge to just walk out the door, I instead took a deep (and I mean DEEEEEEP) breath, whispered a quick “God help me before I flip out and to have more patience” prayer, picked up my son, took him to his crib and proceeded to change him…wipe him down…put on his pajamas…make him a bottle….all while listening to him scream. Once I finished, I put on some soothing music for him, gave him his bottle, walked out and closed the door to his room. I went into the living room to check on my 3 year old and make sure he wasn’t getting into something, walked back to my office, closed the door and let the tears flow….

This past month and a half has been one of the most trying seasons as a mommie, especially a mommie of 2. Bill Cosby said “you aren’t really a parent until you have 2 children,” and I definetely find alot of truth along with humor in that statement. Brennan, my 3 yr old was the complete opposite of Alex as an infant. No acid reflux, could be soothed easily while teething and was definetely NOT a screamer. Sure he cried, he had a few moments where he was a little difficult to handle, but nothing compared to what I’m dealing with now. I love Alex but he has been a challenge these past weeks. The screaming and even throwing things has totally taken me by surprise, and has challenged me in ways I wasn’t expecting, maybe not even prepared for…..

I can honestly say that even though I feel like I’ve reached the end of my sanity at times in the past weeks, I have been learning patience…and how to really take a quick moment for myself when I really need it. I’m also learning how to take those trying moments one at a time until it’s passed…’s not always easy, but with the grace of God I’m managing it.

So tonight as I sat in my office crying and listening to my son cry, I took some more deep breaths, jumped on Facebook to distract me and pulled up my iTunes library in search of something to listen to…that is when I came across my copy of “Bill Cosby: Himself”…I immediately jumped on YouTube and found some awesomely hilarious videos to watch from one of my favorite comedy specials EVER.

So, I thought I’d share my moments of decompression and laughter with you….enjoy. Next time you’re having a really bad moment and need to “wooosaaahhh”, find something to laugh about. 🙂


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